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Google Chrome … new challenger of browser battle?

Posted in Gadgets n Techies with tags , , on September 3, 2008 by Firstiar N

Recently, google release a new browser, named Chrome. It still at beta phase though. So many people were excited about it. I’m one of them of course ^_^a

Lets go to the GUI aspect. Chrome has a simplified interface. Soo simple, yet so nice to cee. With minimum interface, It deliver a practical use for browsing. It even does not have menu bar on it. Just tabs, prev-next and reload button, home button which is hidden by default, address bar, page and browser control represented as dropdown toolbar button. It also has a dinamic tab system which detachable and dockable. Each tab has it own process which make when one tab is inflict some serious error, only that tab was closed. If we look at process list on task manager, we’ll have n+1 of chrome process with 1 is for main window handler.

The new inovative feature is web application’s shortcut which make a shortcut icon. If the icon is executed, chrome will open a browser window dedicated to that particular web application. Don’t know how though since it still not worked by the time I wrote this post.

Another new feature is incognito a.k.a spy mode. We go through any addresses, clean up every trails we make, as if we never gone there. Neat isn’t it?

As for main part, speed. Surprisingly, it boost up in front of firefox, mozilla, and safari as stated by Stephen Shankland here. According to this test, chrome has a great potential to rise in browser battle.

Since it still at beta phase, we can expect a lot of improvements such as plugin/addon support for this browser. As for me, I might migrate to chrome if It has, mainly, adblock and flashget integrator plugins/addons. let’s see 🙂