Axis from NTS – Satan Card?

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As we all know (for Indonesian people), We have new GSM network operator called Axis from NTS, PT (Natrindo Telepon Seluler). This network operator offer cheap rates under incumbent network operators. They offer Rp.60/sms, Rp.60/minute on net (local and inter area), Rp.600/minute local off net, and Rp.1,200/minute inter area off net. Cheaper than most incumbent operators like Telkomsel (Simpati) who offer Rp.100/sms on net, Rp.150/sms off net, Rp.750/minute on net and Rp. 800/minute local off net and Rp.1000/minute inter area off net, Exelcomindo (Bebas) who offer Rp.150/sms, Rp.750/minute on net, and Rp.1,500/minute off net (no difference between local and inter area), and Indosat (IM3) offer Rp.100/sms , Rp.900/minute on net, and R.1,500/minute off net (same as XL). But when compared to 3 (Three), a 1 year old operator, 3 (Three) play evenly with Axis. They offer free rate for sms on net, Rp.100/sms off net, Rp.83/minute on net (Axis win for this last two), Rp.439/minute local off net, and Rp.1,100/minute inter area off net.

So, for those who want to use a group number and mostly call within group, chose Axis as they offer cheapest on net price. But those who use it individually and mostly call inter operator (off net), would be wise to use 3 (three).

OK. Enough for detail about Axis and it’s comparison to other operators. Now we continue to the problem.

lately, there’re a lot of rumors about Axis as satanic card. Those who spread this rumor said that based on number 6 that used for rates. Rp.60/sms, Rp.60/minute, and Rp.600/minute … plus the price for Axis starter pack is Rp.6000. They connect those numbers, as their own discretion, with 666 which, according to them, number of satan. They spread a rumors that this Axis is one of Devil church tools to collect funds. They aggressively try to persuade people not to use Axis with various testimonies (whether those testimonies are authentic or not, no one knows). They even try to read AXIS backward, again… at their own discretion, as SIX-A which read 6 A (I don’t even know what A stands for in this case (-_-)a ). They also make an abbreviation, again… at their own discretion, and wrote AXIS as A-Xis which read Anti-Christ.

Read comments of those fanatics on blog’s comments here.

My contra thought about those satan fanatics:

I wonder, do they never go to schools before? How come the don’t understand about the word “Axis” mean? It just as simple as a center or a line. For those who don’t know the meaning of “Axis”, read about it here. That’s the counter explanation of those SIX-A or A-Xis freak.

How about this. Rp.1/second on net and Rp.10/second off net. How did you calculate them on per minute basis? Rp.60/minute and Rp.600/minute. Just as simple as that. for the SMS rate, Rp.55 + tax 10% would be 55 + 5.5 rounded down = Rp.60/sms. So what wrong with this number? FYI, for inter area rate, Axis USE Rp.1,200 INSTEAD OF Rp.6,000. They also use Rp.10/10kB as their data rate, no 6 there. So give me a break you 666 maniac.

Besides, You care so much for unproven words like the profit will go to Devil church, but never care about solid fact that most of US funds are for their military as the biggest aggressor in the world. And you provide them by buying their products under license (where those license money of course taxed which go to government). What did you do? Stop consuming those products? NO. YOU ENJOY THEM THE VERY SAME AS THEY ENJOY AXIS’ SERVICES. So just shut up fellow hypocrites. *masa maling teriak maling* :p

Guys. Have you ever consider about the effect of what you done? Don’t you ever think that if Axis goes bankrupt, they have so many employees which must carry the burden. Being jobless. Who will feed them? You guys? I don’t think so. You just a group of hypocrites who talk loudly to accuse something has connection with evil, but then hiding after society took the burden of what you’ve done.

So, my suggestion is, stop thinking about axis as satanic card, evil card, or whatever you said. Direct your voice to the real evil, those who eat people fund, those who corrupted, those who chose prestige above people suffering. There’s a lot of real evil need your attention out there. Go Go Go … !!! 🙂

Satanic card? yeah right … :p


SanDisk Sansa C-240

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Over two month I confused which one I should buy for listening musics while on the way. I have two options in mind. First, Samsung YP-U3 1GB which entitled the best music quality for affordable price. And second, SanDisk Sansa C240 1GB which have slightly above average with micro-SD slot for extra room for musics. The other advantage of Sansa C200 series is their battery. It host a replaceable lithium polimer battery. And because of many reasons, I chose Sansa C240.

Because this device is a music player, let’s talk about it’s sound quality. For my ears, the sounds this device produces can be acceptable. Slightly above average. Specially after updating it’s firmware. Good enough for listening various type of musics. It’s also have a 5-band equalizer for customization if the preset equalizer aren’t match your needs.

Next, about it’s interface. I can say that this device is friendly enough and easy to understand. With 5 direction dpad (play/pause, prev, next, menu, OK) + main menu / power button on the face, volume on the top side, and hold and record button on the bottom side, user can operate this device without to many steps to set something. The user interface of the device also easy to follow. It has standard interface which adopted by various player which make easier for user who switch from other brand. And the important thing is, it’s UI is fast enough to browse.

Next, the battery. As I stated before, it has a replaceable lithium polimer battery with 530 mAh capacity. The spare batteries are sold separately. With it’s capasity, when fully charged, SanDisk claim that this device can run approximately 15 hours of playback. NOTE that using equalizer can decrease battery lifetime.

Last, an extra feature, this device support external memory slot. It host a microSD card slot for up to 2GB. Which quite enough for various of musics. The other nice feature is firmware update. We can update our firmware just using auto-updater provided by SanDisk Sansa. Unfortunately, this auto-update software isn’t provided on the installation cd whithin the package. You must download it manually at here.

So, with affordable price, I can grab an acceptable quality music player, with external memory slot and replaceable battery. Good deal I say 🙂

Pickpocket MO!!

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On that bright day, I use a city transport to get to my girl’s house. That transport car when I stop it, we still have 5 empty seats there. Three more people also hop into this car. All were men. Let say they were A, B, and C. They occupy two seats on the edge, and one seat in the middle, near an empty seat. That’s four. So we had one seat left. Not long after those three, middle aged man also hop in. Let says he is D. The person that one of those three, let said he is A, said that there’s empty seat at his left. So this middle aged man sat there.

Not long after the car started to move, a person near the edge (Let said he is B) try to give out some papers. Like an advertisement paper. He also tried to touching people’s hand like demonstrating a massage like what the paper said. D was the last person he touched. After that, he stopped the car and get out as soon as possible after paying to the driver. When the car moved again, suddenly the person at the edge (let says he is C) asked to D, “Is there anything missing? Like cellphone perhaps?” D started to panic. He checked his cellphone, which was gone already. So C suggested to D that he must hop out and chase the only person who touched him, B. Looks like C was good enough for willing to paid D’s transport cost. And that’s how the pickpocket done according the flat eyes.

Is that just it? Is it that simple? Hell no. In fact, A, B, and C are the suspect of this crime. The plan is, A told the victim (D) to sit near him. B started to take people’s attention by giving advertisement paper. A take this chance to get the cellphone. After successful attempt, B hoped out of the car. Soon after that, C warned D about pickpocket threat. After it’s confirmed that the cellphone was gone, C suggest to D to go after B. This was for keep D away from A, the real executor of the pickpocket. And viola, A was not caught, and B was found empty handed. While D was still confused where his cellphone gone.

What a great plan isn’t it? Well, this method already started long ago. But it seems lots of people still weren’t aware of it. So I post this in hope that whoever read this, can raise their awareness at public place about this threat. Be careful with your surroundings ^_____^a

Unfortunate Event!!

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Last night, I moved to my new rent room. After shopping for my daily use, I ate a few noodles and take a shower. Around midnight, I started to sleep. Before that, I set my alarms on my cell phone to 6 o’clock. To make sure I’m not late for going to my new office for the first time.

When I woke up, I’m wondering, why my alarms didn’t shout? I thought it’s not reached 6 o’clock yet. But then, I surprised. Guess what? My cell phones, two of them, are gone missing. I looked around every corner of the room in vain. Then I realize that my door is slightly open. I rushed to check my wallet. Yep, what I’m afraid of actually happened. All money was gone. All of them, including small changes. That time I realize that my room has been burglarized 😦

I lost estimated to more than three millions rupiahs. What a stupidity of my own. I can’t remember was I locked my door or not. This is really sucks. When I try to conserve my money for my future needs, a thief toke my cell phones which forced me to buy a new one. And because of that too, I can’t help my girl’s best friend which I promised to. I feel sick to myself. How come I so careless last night. Just when I want to do some good deeds T_T

There’s no way I can satisfy until the thief got punished for what he/she did. So, My Lord, please give him an evenly punishment for what he/she did 😡

Delayed Flight!! – Reloaded

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Unbelievable!! Two long delay in a row. Does my luck has run out or it’s company’s problem? Last month, my flight delayed 4 hours. Last night? 7 HOURS!! And it happened with a big reputation flight company, AirAsia. And guess what? According to a frequent flyer I’ve meet during the waiting, she said it almost always delayed! It even combined two flight schedules into one. To pressed company loss? Yeah right!! (-_-)a

I came 20 minutes before the flight schedule. I was shock already when see the retime announcement on the board which said that the flight retime from 17.10 to 22.20. I was disappointed with that already. The cause? Some said it was vehicle problems. Broken windows and some hydraulic problems. I can understand that this mean they need to retime. But, for 5 hours? That was a long time. And at 19.11, another shock came up. The flight delayed AGAIN to 00.25. What a pain.

There’re some points of my disappointment. First, I wonder if this company has bases here at Indonesia? Why do we have to wait a backup plane from Malaysia? And why they didn’t prepare a backup plane earlier. Second, why do we have to retime again until 00.25? It doesn’t make sense. They don’t even think about customers planning at all. Well, the first one just a rumor though. But if it’s true, that’s a disappointment for my opinion. Oh well. I won’t use this company in the near future ever again. At least until their management upgraded. See you around AirAsia!

Flight Incident

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Wednesday, February 21st, 2007, I had a flight from surabaya to jakarta. My father drive me to Juanda airport. Lots of uneasy feeling that time. We depart from our house nearly without sparetime incase of traffic jam. It’s true that we didn’t have any meaningful traffic jams. But The rain falls heavily.

We arrive at airport at 16.30 while my flight depart on 17.10. Still enough time, I thought. So I rush to check in at AirAsia counter. The counter officer said that the flight will delayed one hour, to 18.10. So I have to wait one hour. I’m fine with that actually. What makes me uneasy is, untill 18.50, there’s still no news about the ship we will board. People start to wandering arround at airport lounge.

The cause of this unpredicted delay is accident of one of Adam Air ship which slip off while landing on runway 10. According to newspaper, it’s sustain large pressure at a moment before landing which makes the ship unstable and broke the wheels. I don’t know for the detail though. That accident makes some ships which will land on runway 10 must detour to Ngurah Rai airport at denpasar, bali. while ships that just departed from jakarta returned to Soekarno-Hatta airport.

The cleaning of runway 10 takes time. At 8.20, AirAsia ship finally arrived. We board to it at 8.40 and depart at 9.00 or more. Thus, we delayed for four hours. The last two incident involving aircraft are involving Adam Air. Still in our memories where Adam Air lost at Makassar. Now, We had a little incident involving the same company. Although there’s no cassualties, this can drive people opinion about safety on Adam Air ships. Specially for the victims. As for me, we can’t fully blame the company since that time, the weather suddenly turn into a really bad conditions.

I hope all companies can learn from this incident and think more about passengers’ safety.

Flood everywhere…

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What a rough day. All of our plans are screwed up by nature. Floods are everywhere and they make mass transport’s routes are messed up. Some cut their route, some even stop their services. And that’s including those which ran by transjakarta which we call busway.

Busway. When these routes implemented, people who need a neat mass transport and people who have short times are happy with this. While people who drive cars tend to disagree with the way busway ran which takes one line of the road lines for them only (which makes them can travel almost with no traffic jam, except for junctions).

When government of jakarta expanding busway routes, lots of people expected them. But no one care about their route line. Now, when we have heavy rains, some of the lines where drowned by floods. This really makes the worst situations possible. The roads which not flooded are packed with cars, and sometimes the separated busway lines which can’t be used add the complexity of the problems. Until yesterday, only one of seven routes running. Other routes are flooded at some points.

I wonder when will the government start to think about flood prevention, and I mean the real prevention, not just silly prevention which actually not that effective. Rainy season is just started, and we already have this floods. I wonder what would we have next (-_-)a