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Baby Born at Hospital

Posted in Events, Toughts with tags , , , , , on May 12, 2009 by Firstiar N

Until this time, most people think that doctors and nurses are good people. They work hard as best as they can to care to their patients so most of people will entrust them when they ill. Everywhere arround the world, that might be true. But here in Indonesia, specially on government hospital, that somewhat to good to be true. Most people do their job unwillingly (if you don’t want to call that lazy). Only think about we paid this much, we care that much (well … not only in medical world actually, almost every aspect of life in this country affected by this).

I have a sample case. My poor nephew, born in government hospital, he didn’t receive a proper treatment for birth case in hospital. Let me explain it first. When a baby born at hospital, they MUST perform blood tests. One of their purpose is to see is there any bilirubin excees on his/her blood. If bilirubin concentration is over 10, the baby must have an extra treatment for that. Why they must? Because they have instrument for that. Unlike those wo help to give birth at home. But this government hospital didn’t do a single blood test on my nephew. Never know their reason.

The next is about the plasenta. This should be cleaned properly, using alcohol if needed to. and protect it to prevent any infections. What kind of infections? Well, if it not protected properly, when the baby pee, it might be infected from that. Other case is when we change diapers, if it not protected properly, it might infected by the air. My nephew? got nothing. Not the clean thing, not the protection thing.

Then what happen? In the 5th days, he show a yellowish eyes and skin, sign of to high bilirubin concentration on his blood. We rush to ER on nearest private hospital to do some blood test. We surprised that his bilirubin concentration is 33, more than three times it’s maximum allowed on human body (which is 10). After a day of full treatment on NICU, that concentration can only decreased one point. Just one point. The doctor said that the only way to save him is blood transfusion. Unfortunately, because of his condition is to weak, we can’t perform that since it will threaten his life it self. And my poor nephew passed away gracefully exactly one week after his born.

Well, my nephew condition is worse than just that actually, with a suspiction of a heart defect. But appart of that, the high bilirubin concentration it self is way to dangerous to let it go. So I think I must inform this to anyone who , whatever the reason, visit my blog and read this post. If you have a plan to give a birth to your baby at hospital, BE SURE to ask blood test periodically (at the very least, after birth and before you leave). Ask whenever you found any anomalies on the baby behavior. Even it just a tiny anomalies. If the doctor answer is not satisfy your questions, find any info about it on the net. Just to make sure your baby got a proper treatment.

For those who give a birth at home, the blood test is optional (considering it’s not good to bring the new baby out for quite distance). But if you feel ANY anomalies, rush to hospital before everything is to late.

Hope this post useful for those who need this informations.


Budaya Anarkisme dan Kenaikan BBM…

Posted in Criminal actions, Events with tags , , , on May 28, 2008 by Firstiar N

Hehehe. Back to bahasa Indonesia dulu yah. Topiknya susah pake english :D~

Seperti yang kita ketahui bahwa pemerintah telah menaikkan harga BBM. Menanggapi keputusan tersebut telah terjadi demo besar-besaran dimana-mana. Seperti yang sudah kita ketahui pula dari berita yang banyak dimuat baik media cetak maupun televisi. Telah terjadi kerusuhan terkait demo mahasiswa Unas yang berupa bentrok antara mahasiswa selaku pelaku demonstrasi dan polisi selaku aparat penertiban. Penyebabnya, dari berbagai informasi baik media massa maupun orang awam, mahasiswa telah bertindak anarkis kepada aparat ketika melakukan demonstrasi. Sedangkan menurut pihak aparat, para pendemo telah melampaui batas ketika melakukan demonstrasi dan mulai melanggar hukum yang berlaku. Kita tela’ah masing-masing informasi tersebut.

Info dari kepolisian:
Aparat mengatakan pendemo telah melanggar koridor hukum dalam hal demokrasi. Yang manakah? Menurut Kapolri, kesalahan tersebut terletak pada diteruskannya aksi demonstrasi hingga melewati batas waktu (menurut Kapolri, batas waktu demonstrasi adalah pukul 18:00, jawapos, red) sehingga mulai meresahkan warga sekitar yang merasa terganggu dengan demo tersebut sehingga aparat mengambil tindakan untuk membubarkan yang “katanya” sudah dicoba membubarkan secara baik-baik namun para pendemo tidak menggubris.

Info dari media massa dan orang awam:
Mahasiswa telah bertindak anarkis dengan menyerang aparat yang sebenarnya hanya bertugas mengamankan agar demonstrasi tidak meluas. Bentuk serangan-serangan tersebut antara lain, menggunakan antara lain tongkat kayu berbagai ukuran untuk memukuli aparat yang pada awalnya hanya standby dengan tameng anti huru-hara. Bahkan ada juga yang menggunakan botol minuman energi yang diisi minyak tanah dan dibakar (baca: bom molotov) dalam kerusuhan tersebut. Dalam hal ini, demonstrasi telah berubah status menjadi huru-hara, sehingga memberi legitimasi pada aparat untuk maju melewati garis batas pengamanan untuk membubarkan huru-hara tersebut.

Ada juga pendapat kontra yang menyatakan, apapun yang terjadi, itu hak mahasiswa untuk melakukan demonstrasi dan tugas polisi hanya bertahan pada garis pengamanan (baca: tidak boleh masuk area demonstrasi).

Kontra pendapat dari saya: Memang benar jika demonstrasi berjalan simpatik dan tidak ada masalah besar. Tapi kalau sudah menyerang aparat yang tidak melakukan apa-apa, bahkan dengan molotov, apakah ini masih bisa disebut demonstrasi? Kok di mata saya yang saya lihat hanya aksi huru-hara dari gerombolan ga jelas. Kalau huru-hara boleh dong aparat berusaha membubarkan? Apapun alasannya, huru-hara PASTI merugikan warga sekitar dan layak untuk dibubarkan!

Back to topic:
Inikah mahasiswa yang katanya agent of change dari negeri tercinta ini? Sebegini parahnya kah pola pikir mereka sehingga menggunakan aksi huru-hara untuk mengutarakan aspirasi mereka yang katanya menyuarakan kepentingan rakyat? Tidakkah mereka berpikir bahwa aksi huru-hara yang mereka lakukan justru merugikan rakyat sekitar yang KATANYA mereka bela?

Ada selentingan usul dari komunitas milis internal yang saya ikuti. Seharusnya pemerintah (presiden beserta menteri-menterinya) dikonfrontasikan dengan wakil rakyat (bukan DPR) dari berbagai kalangan beserta para pengamat ekonomi yang kompeten, maju di mimbar akbar, disiarkan langsung secara nasional. Biarkan pemerintah memaparkan alasan-alasan yang mereka pakai pada keputusan kenaikan harga BBM secara transparan dan biarkan para wakil rakyat tersebut dan pengamat ekonomi mengkomentari maupun mengcounter landasan-landasan mereka. Sehingga rakyat tau apa sebenarnya yang terjadi dan ga perlu pakai demo-demo yang sering kali berubah menjadi aksi anarkis.

Sekian dulu. Monggo disambung… 🙂

Unfortunate Event!!

Posted in Events on May 1, 2007 by Firstiar N

Last night, I moved to my new rent room. After shopping for my daily use, I ate a few noodles and take a shower. Around midnight, I started to sleep. Before that, I set my alarms on my cell phone to 6 o’clock. To make sure I’m not late for going to my new office for the first time.

When I woke up, I’m wondering, why my alarms didn’t shout? I thought it’s not reached 6 o’clock yet. But then, I surprised. Guess what? My cell phones, two of them, are gone missing. I looked around every corner of the room in vain. Then I realize that my door is slightly open. I rushed to check my wallet. Yep, what I’m afraid of actually happened. All money was gone. All of them, including small changes. That time I realize that my room has been burglarized 😦

I lost estimated to more than three millions rupiahs. What a stupidity of my own. I can’t remember was I locked my door or not. This is really sucks. When I try to conserve my money for my future needs, a thief toke my cell phones which forced me to buy a new one. And because of that too, I can’t help my girl’s best friend which I promised to. I feel sick to myself. How come I so careless last night. Just when I want to do some good deeds T_T

There’s no way I can satisfy until the thief got punished for what he/she did. So, My Lord, please give him an evenly punishment for what he/she did 😡

Delayed Flight!! – Reloaded

Posted in Events with tags on April 3, 2007 by Firstiar N

Unbelievable!! Two long delay in a row. Does my luck has run out or it’s company’s problem? Last month, my flight delayed 4 hours. Last night? 7 HOURS!! And it happened with a big reputation flight company, AirAsia. And guess what? According to a frequent flyer I’ve meet during the waiting, she said it almost always delayed! It even combined two flight schedules into one. To pressed company loss? Yeah right!! (-_-)a

I came 20 minutes before the flight schedule. I was shock already when see the retime announcement on the board which said that the flight retime from 17.10 to 22.20. I was disappointed with that already. The cause? Some said it was vehicle problems. Broken windows and some hydraulic problems. I can understand that this mean they need to retime. But, for 5 hours? That was a long time. And at 19.11, another shock came up. The flight delayed AGAIN to 00.25. What a pain.

There’re some points of my disappointment. First, I wonder if this company has bases here at Indonesia? Why do we have to wait a backup plane from Malaysia? And why they didn’t prepare a backup plane earlier. Second, why do we have to retime again until 00.25? It doesn’t make sense. They don’t even think about customers planning at all. Well, the first one just a rumor though. But if it’s true, that’s a disappointment for my opinion. Oh well. I won’t use this company in the near future ever again. At least until their management upgraded. See you around AirAsia!

Flight Incident

Posted in Events with tags , on February 22, 2007 by Firstiar N

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007, I had a flight from surabaya to jakarta. My father drive me to Juanda airport. Lots of uneasy feeling that time. We depart from our house nearly without sparetime incase of traffic jam. It’s true that we didn’t have any meaningful traffic jams. But The rain falls heavily.

We arrive at airport at 16.30 while my flight depart on 17.10. Still enough time, I thought. So I rush to check in at AirAsia counter. The counter officer said that the flight will delayed one hour, to 18.10. So I have to wait one hour. I’m fine with that actually. What makes me uneasy is, untill 18.50, there’s still no news about the ship we will board. People start to wandering arround at airport lounge.

The cause of this unpredicted delay is accident of one of Adam Air ship which slip off while landing on runway 10. According to newspaper, it’s sustain large pressure at a moment before landing which makes the ship unstable and broke the wheels. I don’t know for the detail though. That accident makes some ships which will land on runway 10 must detour to Ngurah Rai airport at denpasar, bali. while ships that just departed from jakarta returned to Soekarno-Hatta airport.

The cleaning of runway 10 takes time. At 8.20, AirAsia ship finally arrived. We board to it at 8.40 and depart at 9.00 or more. Thus, we delayed for four hours. The last two incident involving aircraft are involving Adam Air. Still in our memories where Adam Air lost at Makassar. Now, We had a little incident involving the same company. Although there’s no cassualties, this can drive people opinion about safety on Adam Air ships. Specially for the victims. As for me, we can’t fully blame the company since that time, the weather suddenly turn into a really bad conditions.

I hope all companies can learn from this incident and think more about passengers’ safety.

Flood everywhere…

Posted in Events with tags , on February 5, 2007 by Firstiar N

What a rough day. All of our plans are screwed up by nature. Floods are everywhere and they make mass transport’s routes are messed up. Some cut their route, some even stop their services. And that’s including those which ran by transjakarta which we call busway.

Busway. When these routes implemented, people who need a neat mass transport and people who have short times are happy with this. While people who drive cars tend to disagree with the way busway ran which takes one line of the road lines for them only (which makes them can travel almost with no traffic jam, except for junctions).

When government of jakarta expanding busway routes, lots of people expected them. But no one care about their route line. Now, when we have heavy rains, some of the lines where drowned by floods. This really makes the worst situations possible. The roads which not flooded are packed with cars, and sometimes the separated busway lines which can’t be used add the complexity of the problems. Until yesterday, only one of seven routes running. Other routes are flooded at some points.

I wonder when will the government start to think about flood prevention, and I mean the real prevention, not just silly prevention which actually not that effective. Rainy season is just started, and we already have this floods. I wonder what would we have next (-_-)a