Taxco TX60

Taxco TX60

Doubtful. Maybe that’s what we think when looking at chinesse cellphones. Bad material, bad finishing, bad anything. But for short-budgeted people, chinesse cellphones can be an option. Specially for those who after quantity over quality. Chinesse cellphones usually packed with numerous feature and sold at low price. Taxco, is one of them.

Taxco has released value based phone named TX60. This phone offer VGA camera, mp3 player, FM radio, and external memory slot. I bought one at IDR 575,000.00 for phone only (no microSD included). Considerably cheap for above feature. Of course, the quality it self are limited. Let’s review it one by one.

Design. Well … not much to say. In my opinion, it resemble one of nokia model with almost no variation.

Body. The material of this phone are made of plastic. Looks so fragile. Since it made of plastic, this phone has glossy appearance. Note that it also vulnurable to grease/oil-mark and fingerprint. Apart from material composition, the phone looks fine.

Camera. The resolution of this phone’s camera is 640×320 (VGA). Still image picture quality is not good. Too white. We need to edit the brightness and contrast of resulted image for only an acceptable quality. Still image mode has some settings. up/down for zoom in/out (not functioned on VGA res), lift/right for exsposure level (EV), numpad 1 for effect setting, 2 for white balance, 4 for delay timer, 5 for continuous shot, 6 for scene mode, 7 for image quality, 8 for image size, 0 for capture image (same as mid button on d-pad), and # for information display. On video recording, this phone use up/down for zoom in/out, right/left for Exposure level (EV), 1 and 2 has same function as still image capture, 4 for night mode on/off, and 0 for start/pause (same as mid button).

Audio player. The sound output of this phone when playing mp3 file over headset are crampy. For those who enjoy musics, this is definitely not accepted. But for me who only use the mp3 player for drive the boreness, or to keep me awake when driving, it’s acceptable. Audio player can be accessed via menu or simply press up button when standby. The control are, up button for play/pause, down for stop, left/right for prev/next, and */# for volume control (down/up). We can arrange songs on playlist. File selection can be one by one or by folder.

FM radio. Unlike the audio player, the sound output of the radio are surprisingly clean. This means the sound output quality of the hardware should be fine. The software is the problem. The control is up for snap search on/off. This is for when you search a station. Like digital auto search on TV. Down for radio on/off, left/right for search radio stations, and */# for volume control (down/up). The numeric keys are used to access respective stored stations.

File storage. This phone only has 500kB of internal storage. Way too little for store even an mp3 cut-song for ringtone. But worry not, Taxco provide a microSD slot (too bad, not hot swapable). The official record are this phone can hold up to 1GB of microSD. But I use a 2GB one and find no problem on it. Using USB cable, the microSD can be a flashdisk replacement by chosing mass storage when connected to PC/laptop. In this mode, the phone it self still operable and charging, but the card selection are missing, which mean we can’t access data on microSD from the phone. So all setting like wallpapers and ringtone which directed to card are revert back to original ones. But worry not. When we disconnect the cable, the setting back to what we set before.

Battery. The power life-time currently still unknown to me. At least, when nearly full charged, I use the phone as mp3 player and couples of call during the trip from tangerang to serang on bike. For arround 4 hour, the battery indicator still show 2 bars (max are 3 bars). enough for light to moderate use.

Conclusions. For those who shot-budgeted and only looking for cellphone mainly for call and sms with some addons, this phone can be one of the solutions. Cheap, has audio player, FM radio, camera, and file storage, packed on arround half a million rupiahs.


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  1. Gadget freak!!
    Di otaknya cm ada gadget..

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