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SanDisk Sansa C-240

Posted in Gadgets n Techies with tags , , , , on February 25, 2008 by Firstiar N

Over two month I confused which one I should buy for listening musics while on the way. I have two options in mind. First, Samsung YP-U3 1GB which entitled the best music quality for affordable price. And second, SanDisk Sansa C240 1GB which have slightly above average with micro-SD slot for extra room for musics. The other advantage of Sansa C200 series is their battery. It host a replaceable lithium polimer battery. And because of many reasons, I chose Sansa C240.

Because this device is a music player, let’s talk about it’s sound quality. For my ears, the sounds this device produces can be acceptable. Slightly above average. Specially after updating it’s firmware. Good enough for listening various type of musics. It’s also have a 5-band equalizer for customization if the preset equalizer aren’t match your needs.

Next, about it’s interface. I can say that this device is friendly enough and easy to understand. With 5 direction dpad (play/pause, prev, next, menu, OK) + main menu / power button on the face, volume on the top side, and hold and record button on the bottom side, user can operate this device without to many steps to set something. The user interface of the device also easy to follow. It has standard interface which adopted by various player which make easier for user who switch from other brand. And the important thing is, it’s UI is fast enough to browse.

Next, the battery. As I stated before, it has a replaceable lithium polimer battery with 530 mAh capacity. The spare batteries are sold separately. With it’s capasity, when fully charged, SanDisk claim that this device can run approximately 15 hours of playback. NOTE that using equalizer can decrease battery lifetime.

Last, an extra feature, this device support external memory slot. It host a microSD card slot for up to 2GB. Which quite enough for various of musics. The other nice feature is firmware update. We can update our firmware just using auto-updater provided by SanDisk Sansa. Unfortunately, this auto-update software isn’t provided on the installation cd whithin the package. You must download it manually at here.

So, with affordable price, I can grab an acceptable quality music player, with external memory slot and replaceable battery. Good deal I say 🙂