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Pickpocket MO!!

Posted in Criminal actions with tags , on June 4, 2007 by Firstiar N

On that bright day, I use a city transport to get to my girl’s house. That transport car when I stop it, we still have 5 empty seats there. Three more people also hop into this car. All were men. Let say they were A, B, and C. They occupy two seats on the edge, and one seat in the middle, near an empty seat. That’s four. So we had one seat left. Not long after those three, middle aged man also hop in. Let says he is D. The person that one of those three, let said he is A, said that there’s empty seat at his left. So this middle aged man sat there.

Not long after the car started to move, a person near the edge (Let said he is B) try to give out some papers. Like an advertisement paper. He also tried to touching people’s hand like demonstrating a massage like what the paper said. D was the last person he touched. After that, he stopped the car and get out as soon as possible after paying to the driver. When the car moved again, suddenly the person at the edge (let says he is C) asked to D, “Is there anything missing? Like cellphone perhaps?” D started to panic. He checked his cellphone, which was gone already. So C suggested to D that he must hop out and chase the only person who touched him, B. Looks like C was good enough for willing to paid D’s transport cost. And that’s how the pickpocket done according the flat eyes.

Is that just it? Is it that simple? Hell no. In fact, A, B, and C are the suspect of this crime. The plan is, A told the victim (D) to sit near him. B started to take people’s attention by giving advertisement paper. A take this chance to get the cellphone. After successful attempt, B hoped out of the car. Soon after that, C warned D about pickpocket threat. After it’s confirmed that the cellphone was gone, C suggest to D to go after B. This was for keep D away from A, the real executor of the pickpocket. And viola, A was not caught, and B was found empty handed. While D was still confused where his cellphone gone.

What a great plan isn’t it? Well, this method already started long ago. But it seems lots of people still weren’t aware of it. So I post this in hope that whoever read this, can raise their awareness at public place about this threat. Be careful with your surroundings ^_____^a