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Unfortunate Event!!

Posted in Events on May 1, 2007 by Firstiar N

Last night, I moved to my new rent room. After shopping for my daily use, I ate a few noodles and take a shower. Around midnight, I started to sleep. Before that, I set my alarms on my cell phone to 6 o’clock. To make sure I’m not late for going to my new office for the first time.

When I woke up, I’m wondering, why my alarms didn’t shout? I thought it’s not reached 6 o’clock yet. But then, I surprised. Guess what? My cell phones, two of them, are gone missing. I looked around every corner of the room in vain. Then I realize that my door is slightly open. I rushed to check my wallet. Yep, what I’m afraid of actually happened. All money was gone. All of them, including small changes. That time I realize that my room has been burglarized 😦

I lost estimated to more than three millions rupiahs. What a stupidity of my own. I can’t remember was I locked my door or not. This is really sucks. When I try to conserve my money for my future needs, a thief toke my cell phones which forced me to buy a new one. And because of that too, I can’t help my girl’s best friend which I promised to. I feel sick to myself. How come I so careless last night. Just when I want to do some good deeds T_T

There’s no way I can satisfy until the thief got punished for what he/she did. So, My Lord, please give him an evenly punishment for what he/she did 😡