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Delayed Flight!! – Reloaded

Posted in Events with tags on April 3, 2007 by Firstiar N

Unbelievable!! Two long delay in a row. Does my luck has run out or it’s company’s problem? Last month, my flight delayed 4 hours. Last night? 7 HOURS!! And it happened with a big reputation flight company, AirAsia. And guess what? According to a frequent flyer I’ve meet during the waiting, she said it almost always delayed! It even combined two flight schedules into one. To pressed company loss? Yeah right!! (-_-)a

I came 20 minutes before the flight schedule. I was shock already when see the retime announcement on the board which said that the flight retime from 17.10 to 22.20. I was disappointed with that already. The cause? Some said it was vehicle problems. Broken windows and some hydraulic problems. I can understand that this mean they need to retime. But, for 5 hours? That was a long time. And at 19.11, another shock came up. The flight delayed AGAIN to 00.25. What a pain.

There’re some points of my disappointment. First, I wonder if this company has bases here at Indonesia? Why do we have to wait a backup plane from Malaysia? And why they didn’t prepare a backup plane earlier. Second, why do we have to retime again until 00.25? It doesn’t make sense. They don’t even think about customers planning at all. Well, the first one just a rumor though. But if it’s true, that’s a disappointment for my opinion. Oh well. I won’t use this company in the near future ever again. At least until their management upgraded. See you around AirAsia!